Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tomb Roach Tutorial

Merry Christmas to you! :)

As befits I bring a small gift on christmas to you... that is how to build your very own Tomb Roach!

Download link for the tutorial (size 1.7 MB PDF-file) is here:

Free Tutorial on how to build your own Tomb Roaches

Sample pic:

Some more pics of my Tomb Roach for you to enjoy:


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Necron Canoptek Tomb Roach

The Necron Canoptek Tomb Roach is my attempt of a simple and easy to build tomb spyder variation.

Fluff: The Necron Canoptek Tomb Roach is one of many constructs roaming the dark depths of a Necron Tomb. Slightly smaller and more streamlined in shape, a Canoptek Tomb Roach can reach and squeeze into places that a typical Tomb Spyder finds rather impassable or very hard to reach like collapsed tomb tunnels, maintaince ducts or sewers.
Scuttling around quickly on six long and highly flexible legs, Tomb Roaches command swarms of Scarabs to carry out various tasks in a tomb or support them in combat with their underslung pairs of particle weapons. Usually operating in small groups, Tomb Roaches prove as one of many nasty surprises for the unwary intruders of any tomb world, as the Roaches cling to the upper walls and ceilings, mimicking their shape and structure, untill dropping down to attack the intruders shooting their particle weapons or pierce them with their deadly sting.

I will post a Tomb Roach-Tutorial including a parts list probably tomorrow, so stay tuned to this blog!

For now here are the pics of my 1st nearly finished Necron Canoptek Tomb Roach. One more is currently in the pipeline. Hope you like them!

Road to memory lane

Since some of you might remember my previous work from various forums, here is little rundown of some of my past vehicle projects for you to enjoy!

"Barney" Ork Great Gargant, 40k size (still WIP)

"Thor" Bombard Mortar, Manticore Missile Launcher and Arvus Shuttle

Imperial Styx Pattern Breaching Pod

Welcome to the 1st post on my blog, it´s been quite a while since I opened this blog but rest assured from now on you´ll see regular updates of projetcs and WIP of my work.

To start with here is something I build a little ago in April 2011: the Styx Pattern Breaching Pod. Since I always liked the idea of tunneling devices in the Imperial guard like the Termite, then not so long ago forgeworld came up with a breaching drill. So I wanted to have something simelar for my Imperial Guard army and came up with this. It is inspired by modern drill heads e.g. used for oil search and features three rotating seperate drills. The rest of the Styx pattern drill is inspired by WW2 German mini-submarines (Hecht, Seehund) and some movies.

Fluff: The Styx Pattern drill uses its forward heavy duty drill to tunnel and is propelled forward by three seperate tracks. Melta Cannons mounted on the sides deal with dense rocks or nasty heavy armoured opponents on the surface. The Styx pattern drill is crewed by two crew men (driver and engineer) and has a small cabin rear mounted to carry a few grenadiers directly into battle.

Below are some WIP shots. The body was made from an antiperspirant can which had this nice interesting shape. The rest is some plastic card, green stuff and milliput, hope you like it!