Monday, February 27, 2012

RC Taurus APC video action!

Here is a little video of the Taurus APC in action as you requested! :)

Watch it driving over the cratered battlefield and rumbling over any obstacles and resistance it can find! Hope you like it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rhea pattern Gun Emplacement

Happy Valentine´s day to you! For all you guys who need to hurry around today buying flowers and sweets for your beloved, here is something for you to enjoy and to relax a little! ;)

The Rhea pattern Gun Emplacement was my attempt at building a gun emplacement with a cannon for my Imperial Guard army. The entire gun emplacement apart from the turret was scratchbuilt from plastic card and a few bits. Typical for my Rhea pattern turrets is the old, round style commander hatch.Recently I finished the paint job on this fellow, so I thought you might want to see it. Below are some pics for you to enjoy :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Crescent blade jetfighter

Today I am showing you some pics of my scratchbuilt Crescent blade jetfighter, which was intended to serve as my Dark Eldar count as razorwing model. :)

It is inspired by the Razorwing jet artwork and follows the smooth lines and design typical for all (Dark) Eldar vehicles. Apart from some minor details, the basic model is done and I will hopefully paint it soon. The main body from the Crescent blade was cut from a thick sheet of plastic card and filed & sanded down to the pointy shape you now see. A couple of plastic spoons made the engine, the lower side was build from various leftover parts.

Here are some more pics of it, hope you like it! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rhea pattern Executioner tank

Today I show you some pics of my recently finished Rhea pattern Executioner tank :)

Fluff: The moons of Rhea are producing a special trench warfare variant of the rare Executioner tank in very limited production runs. Equiped with a set of sturdy trench rails to cross trenches and dangerous tank pits, the Rhea pattern tank mounts a rare but powerful MkVIIb "Emperor" pattern plasma cannon as its main armarment in a special uparmoured Rhea pattern turret.

The plasma cannon can be simply swaped for a normal cannon if needed due to the modular gun mount. Here are the pics, enjoy! :)