Sunday, July 28, 2013

X-Wing Miniatures game: Rebel Mk2 B-Wing (scratchbuild)

X-Wing Miniatures game: Here is the third ship in todays posting marathon, my scratchbuild and finished Mk2 B-Wing!

The Mk2 B-Wing model was entirely scratchbuild from plasticard with added bits from various sources for details.I think it turned out great :)

Fluff: The Mk2 B-Wing was a technology test bed to improve on the earlier B-Wing´s disadvantages and only saw limited production runs. It featured heavier armour shielding, improved flight controls and modular gun ports.

Below is a scale shot of my gathered Rebel Family: Prototype A-Wing, Y-Wing Mk2 and B-Wing Mk2 joined by a stock X-Wing.

Hope you like this one too!


X-Wing Miniatures game: A-Wing prototype finished (scratchbuild)

X-Wing Miniatures game: Here are pictures of my painted and finished A-Wing Prototype ship :)
Fluff: The predecessor of the famous A-Wing, the A-Wing Prototype already featured many design details of the later production series model. 
During the further development some effort was put into improving the flight dynamics and engine shielding by Rebel engineers which lead to the more curvier and compact shape of the later production model. 
The original heavy laser weapons of the prototype were replaced with slightly lighter laser versions to reduce power strain on the A-Wing´s reactor.
Gamewise it will serve as an A-Wing and hopefully see some action soon! :D


X-Wing Miniatures game: Imperial TIE Intruder (scratchbuild large ship)

X-Wing Miniatures game: I finally managed to take some pics of one of my newest ships: the Imperial TIE Intruder!

It is a "large" sized ship, the stat cards can be seen below. The TIE Intruder is a multipurpose recon craft that can be modified to various purposes and missions due to its crew slot and the sensor array. Due to its long base size, it is a rather fast ship, though its offensive fire power is limited to only 2, but it has a rear fire arc and it can be outfitted with two missile slots.

It has already seen its first combat (100 point game) and performed well and made a balanced impression in the game. 

Fluff: After the destruction of the first Death Star the Empire pulled all strings to locate and eradicate Rebel bases throughout the galaxy. Darth Vader send numerous scout droids out to monitor any suspicious planets.
To support the spread out Star Destroyer fleet, Lord Vader ordered the engineers to design a fast hyper space capable scout craft that could monitor suspicious places secretly without the need of the massive presence of a star destroyer.
The engineers decided to use the design of the TIE Advanced and the soon to be completed TIE Interceptors as blueprint base. They enlarged the basic design, added massive solar wings for extended operations as well as a crew section and a hyper space drive. For additional protection two laser defense turrets were installed in the rear to hold enemy fighters away until the ship could escape when threatened. Most of the space of the ship was dedicated to sensors and not to weaponry, so to increase the fire power two missile slots were almost added as an afterthought to the ship. 
The design heritage of the TIE Interceptor and TIE Advanced meant the TIE Advanced was fast and also able to barrel roll, but it wasn´t as manouverable as its smaller cousins. 
Usually outfitted with a small set of spy droids the TIE Intruder would release the droids from a safe distance to the target planet. Then the ship would hide awaiting the results of the spy droids and then report back to the main fleet for resupply.
Rebel forces rarely engaged these ships as typically the TIE Intruder was long gone with the recon data before Rebel interceptors arrived. Even when caught the TIE Intruder´s shields, its speed and defense weaponry were able to keep most attacker at bay. 

Hope you like it :) More posts are coming soon!


Monday, July 22, 2013

X-Wing Miniatures game: A-Wing Prototype preview

X-Wing Miniatures game: Here is a sneak preview of my newest sratchbuild creation: the A-Wing Prototype for the Rebels!

Fluff: The predecessor of the famous A-Wing the A-Wing Prototype features many details of the later production series model. Some effort was put into improving the flight dynamics and engine shielding by Rebel engineers which lead to the more curvier shape of the production model. Laser Weapons were replaced with slightly lighter versions to reduce power strain on the reactor.

Hope you like! It´s gonna be painted tomorrow hopefully :D

Oh and the blog got 5000 site hits already! :D Thank you very much for supporting my work!


Monday, July 15, 2013

X-Wing Miniatures Game: Imperial TIE Intruder teaser

X-Wing Miniatures game: Today I show you a little sneak peak of my newest ship creation: the Imperial TIE Intruder!

As usual it´s a completely scratchbuild ship made from plastic card and bits. I will make a full post in the next days when I hopefully find some time to take pics of the ship. In the mean time the TIE Intruder might face its first battle soon! :)

So stay tuned!  Cheers Invivos