Saturday, May 9, 2015

 Castellan Robots -Work in Progress-: I managed to spent some time today on the three Castellan robots and here are some WIP shots. I am quite happy with how the legs have turned out, they are attached with a ball joint at the hip and the foot and the lower leg and its piston is moveable i.e. I can adjust the stride of each leg separately which will be great for posing them on their scenic bases (i.e. with lots of rubble). Also I came up with a pretty nice and easy solution for the feet and toes using left over parts from the leg construction.
In case you wonder about the toes and the upper leg, they are made from old GW plastic electro fence parts. Tomorrow I´ll add some more details to the legs and will start building the scenic bases. After this I plan to glue the legs and hip in position on the base and continue working on the torso and the arms.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Castellan Robot Maniple: 

I started to work on a Maniple of scratchbuilt Castellan/Castellax robots for my World Eaters legion this weekendTo speed up robot construction I am building three robots at the same time rather than building each one separate. This also helps me to keep track of the available  parts in my bitz box, since I´ll need either 3x or 6x the same part to continue working, which is a bit of a challenge... The main robot body is made from 4 plastic spoons with various bits for the shoulder socket and the hip. Due to the ball socket design a lot of poses will be possible in the end, base size will be 60mm.
Next up is building legs, shoulder pads, arms and the torso weapon system. I´ll try to keep the torso gun interchangeable i.e. either Mauler Boltgun, Multi Melta or Dark Fire Lance as options. Hope you like them so far! :)

Friday, May 1, 2015

2015 Life sign:  No this is Blog is far from dead, there is just alot going on and I rarely find the time to take nice pics to post here. Truely sorry about that! :(

Anyway some pics to show you I have been busy:

Star Trek Borg Cubus: Scratchbuilt, shown here without its base, it uses the "large" base from Star Wars X-Wing. It has seen alot of combat already in our house rule set for Star Trek.
 30K Horus Heresy World Eaters: First shots of my growing World Eaters Legion Space Marine army for Horus Heresy. These were the first test models I painted, I am not entire happy with the paint job (e.g. too little contrast in the armor recesses) but I learned alot for the coming rest of the army to change.
Towering above the Space Marine is my scratchbuilt Contemptor Dreadnought with World Eater iconography, arms are moveable at the sockets, the Multi Melta can be exchanged for an Assault Cannon and there is an attachable top havoc launcher (not shown). Below is a WIP shot of the dreadnought.

Then there is a set of three scratchbuilt Space Marine Jetbikes, like I saied I was busy scratchbuilding stuff :) I haven´t use them too much effectiveness yet in the single game they saw, need to figure out the right way to use them.

Not shown here but in work are a scratchbuilt Spartan Tank (95%) done and a scratchbuilt Storm Eagle Assault gun ship for my World Eaters.

Additionaly I managed to built myself a new desert style gaming table plus city terrain, finally putting most of the City of Death sprues to some good use. :)

Zaku Jenice Custom: this is a kit from the GUNDAM range, which serves me as a test bed for new skills to learn: armor chipping using salt, oil colour and powders etc. Size is about 15cm tall, I applied battle damage using drills and soldering iron, the idea was that the Zaku nearly evaded a super hot Beam/Laser weapon that melted most of his right shoulder.  At the moment the model is primed in brown color and ready for some armor chipping.
That´s all for now, more to follow. At the moment I plan to work this weekend on a Castellax battle robot for Horus Heresy...